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BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream For Men

Luxury BRTC Mens BB Cream
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Described in September’s issue of Men’s Health as ‘the ultimate in next generation skin care’, BRTC’s Gold Caviar BB Cream For Men sets the scene for a great all round makeup for men product without being ‘makeup’ as such.  Male Blemish Balm’s, or Men’s BB creams, were formulated by dermatologists who treated patients with a variety of different skin troubles.  Men’s Makeup UK are very proud to offer to our clients another Expert BB cream for men, geared for expert anti-wrinkle care and masculine cover up.

Inspired by their Internationally renowned ‘All In One Mens BB Cream’, BRTC have manipulated their formula to promote a revolutionary type of men’s B.B cream for the maturer man, promoting ultimate UV protection with an SPF50 baseline.

Run for Gold with an endless nutritional supply of enzymes, which are formulated using ‘Caviar’, deemed to be sensational at detoxing your skin, removing your skin’s impurities and a future world-leading component in skin cell regeneration.  Visibly see the long term rejuvenation of your skin after just 7 to 10 days of use.  Wrinkles will appear deflated and remarkably reduced thanks to such an exclusive formula.  

Begin the perfect detox of your complexion with the before mentioned ingredients and effects upheld in this mens moisture-like textured cream.

Enjoy an expert formula in this makeup without makeup for men formula which is designed to give you a day to day spa like treatment in the comfort of your own home.  Apply once in the morning for premium protection and superior regeneration thanks to carefully selected range of ingredients.

Gold Flakes brighten the skin and wonderfully compose one overall tone to your complexion, an illusion created by the reactive catalysts in melanin, the main pigment of men’s skin.

Arbutin and Adenosine expertly combine in this BB cream for men to promote a superb cover up function.  This is achieved with two steps.  Arbutin not only acts as an anti-wrinkle ingredient but also as a whitening effect, nullifying the appearance of a wide range of imperfections including, redness, rosacea, spots and blemishes.  Adenosine provides enriching cover up capabilities which expertly blends with your skin’s natural tone and in turn creates the illusion of a flawless and professional finish.

Green Tea Plant and Allantoin boost the performance capabilities of this men’s makeup masterpiece by building the perfect foundations to a moisturising and soothing formula.  

Experience and enjoy ultimate skin care along with perfect cover up with a makeup for men BB Cream, which is quick and easy to apply and upholds ultimate subtlety and masculinity.  Steal Gold and regain your youthful look with a men’s makeup product destined to shape the future of male grooming and makeup for men. 

Size - 35ml

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