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Calvin Klein Brown Guyliner

Liquid Edge Eye-liner For Men
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Wishing to frame and alleviate your eyes using makeup for men yet still desire to sustain that natural, unrelenting masculine look? If so, Calvin Klein's Liquid Edge Guyliner is the mens eye makeup for you.

This liquid edge eye liner for men has an ultra fine tip to ensure application is quick, easy and most importantly tidy. You can frame both the upper and lower areas of your eye easily and redefine your look with a great mens makeup product.. Apply more if you wish to obtain that striking 'band style' look or keep it simple if subtlety and masculinity is top of your agenda. Set your eyes out from your face and the rest in all the right ways and enjoy the benefits this eye liner for men can bring to you.

The brown guyliner matches perfectly with Calvin Klein's Brown Manscara and really promotes a masculine, intense and flawless finish. It's fine liquid nature ensures no clumping or blobbing of any sorts during application. Mens makeup for the eye region has never been more predominant in society today and with such a guyliner you can transform your eyes overall look bringing you back in the game.

This makeup for men product is long lasting, durable and transfers well onto your eye. A highly rated product from our team of mens makeup artists at a great price. Calvin Klein once again delivers the class and transforms your look and certainly stands out from the rest.

Size - 2.5ml

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