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Creamy Natural Mouuse Concealer For Men
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For those looking to target a specific imperfection on your face that you may have, allow us introduce to you Calvin Klein's Mousse Concealer. This concealer for men has been specifically designed for covering up blemishes and reducing that common look of tired, dark and fatigued under eyes, all of us men get from time to time. With one quick application to your problem area(s), which can also include fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eye bags and/or irritated skin areas, you can now say farewell to your troublesome confidence killers and leave your skin looking fresh, youthful and ready for action.

For easy application, take a very small amount and apply to the required area using your fingertips or a men's blending brush. This, along with all of the other products we sell here at Men's Makeup UK is perfect for the modern day man. Apply more where you see fit and reap the benefits by casting unwanted imperfections into the background, revealing a new man instantly. Most of our customers want to reduce the need to use application tools such as brushes and sponges. You'll be pleased to know, the best application tool is actually your fingertips. They allow you to get a real understanding of coverage, whilst the natural heat from your fingers will promote a smoother more flawless look, covering up most imperfections your skin may have quickly and professionally.

A dry and troubled skin targeted formula, consisting of ingredients specifically designed for instant refreshment make this concealer for men a real winner. Don't fade away into the background gentlemen! Take control, revive your skin and play the part with this superb male cosmetic masterstroke brought to you by Calvin Klein.

Size - 5.9g

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