Calvin Klein Manscara

Calvin Klein Manscara

Calvin Klein Gel Liquid Guyliner

Liquid Edge Gel Eyeliner For Men
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Welcome to the world of eye makeup for men and more specifically, Guyliner. Calvin Klein's expert formula provides the professionalism and consistency for a superior eye makeup finish. If you're looking for hard, straight, smudge free definition with the use of an eye liner for men, look no further! With a texture that guards against blobbing and uneven application, this liquid gel edge guyliner really will redefine your look. Frame your eyes and complement their look with an expert finish that will make heads turn for all the right reason. Calvin Klein's promise to makeup for men lovers is to provide great, defined and flawless looks, whilst maximising masculinity. It is with great confidence at Men's Makeup UK that we can confirm that they have certainly succeeded.

Most of our makeup for men customers appreciate this product for its swift application and the need not to re-do lines, to ensure even coverage. It really is a top drawer product and will leave you never wanting to turn back. Calvin Klein's long lasting formula will leave your eyes sexy and captivating, deep into the night. This really is a one of a kind guyliner and your eye make up kit will be truly complete with it. Add a captivating and mysterious depth to your eyes with the UK's most popular guyliner in 2014 and 2016.

Size - 1.2ml

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