Urban Soul Men's Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Urban Soul Mens Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

STILA Expert Tinted Moisturiser For Men

STILA Expert Tinted Moisturiser For Men

Calvin Klein Makeup For Men Mega Kit

The Ultimate Designer Mens Makeup Experience
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From start to finish your complete makeup for men experience is now available exclusively via Mens Makeup UK.  Use this mens makeup kit's expert base components to provide the foundations to an ultimate complexion; Calvin Klein's skin primer and mens tinted moisturiser provide medium coverage and cast unwanted imperfections instantly into the background whilst protecting your skin against continuous makeup for men use and skin impurities.  Top up the style with an expert foundation for men providing a masculine and flawless complexion.  Next, frame the eyes with an expert guyliner and manscara giving you that masculine, alive and striking look; ready for anything life throws at you.  Finally, a little touch up goes a long way, so use the perfect finishing products; a designer concealer to brighten the under eye area and cover the odd blemish, along with a mens brow gel to control unruly eyebrows; giving you that red carpet look.

Perfect yourself, maintain masculinity and look photo shoot ready with a Calvin Klein's expert range of makeup for men.  An infamous 8 piece set put together by some of Calvin Klein's top male models and stylists.  Inspired by underwear commercial stylists and now exclusively delivered to you courtesy of Britain's exclusive retailer:  The makeup for men experience suddenly just got a little bit more real.



Calvin Klein Mens Foundation - Calvin Klein Infinite Hydration Foundation (29.5ml) OR

Calvin Klein Matte Foundation - Infinite Matte Moisturising Foundation (29.5ml)


Calvin Klein Concealer - Calvin Klein Endless Light Concealer (2.5g)

Calvin Klein Creme Concealer - Calvin Klein Endless Creme Concealer For Men (6.5ml)


Calvin Klein Mens Bronzing Powder - Calvin Klein Tinted Moisturiser (29.6ml)


Calvin Klein Manscara - Calvin Klein Lengthening Manscara - Brown (7.1ml) OR

Calvin Klein Black Manscara - Calvin Klein Mega Volume Black Manscara (7ml)


Calvin Klein Taxi Man Guyliner (Substitute) - Calvin Klein Electric Edge Liquid Eye Liner - Black (1.5ml)

Calvin Klein Brown Guyliner/MMUK MAN Substitute - Calvin Klein Liquid Edge Brown Eye Liner - Brown (7ml)


Calvin Klein Mens Makeup Base/Camera Ready Substitute - Whitening Treatment Pure White Skin Primer (29.5ml)


Calvin Klein Bronzer For Men - Expert Finishing Powder For Men (7g)


Calvin Klein Mens Brow Pencil/MMUK MAN Substitute - Expert Eyebrow Makeup For Men (3.1g)

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