Calvin Klein Cream Concealer

Calvin Klein Mousse Concealer

Calvin Klein Black Manscara

Calvin Klein Black Manscara

Calvin Klein Makeup Set

Luxury Men's Make-Up Kit From Calvin Klein
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Calvin Klein Men's Foundation - Calvin Klein All Day Perfection Foundation (30ml)

Calvin Klein Concealer - Calvin Klein All Day Perfection Concealer (8ml)

Calvin Klein Bronzing Powder - Calvin Klein Summer Affair Bronzer (7g)

Calvin Klein Manscara - Calvin Klein Volumizing Manscara - Brown (12ml)

Calvin Klein Gel Guyliner - Calvin Klein Gel Liquid Eye Liner - Brown (1.2ml)

A complete Calvin Klein luxurious makeup kit for men. For any man looking to use makeup, this kit will set you on your way. In fact, with these five single products, your work is practically done. An exceptional facial foundation designed to tone and refresh skin and provide a smooth and supple base. An All Day Perfection Concealer can then be applied to problem areas such as dry skin, blemishes, acne scars and spots, amongst others. With the third of five products being a matte bronzer, which can be applied all over your face using a bronzing brush, this will leave your skin looking instantly tanned, toned and sexy.

Penultimately, a liquid eye liner can be applied to the inner eye, to really set them apart and gain that smokey eyes effect, which a recent study has shown is vital in captivating your audience. Finally, your brand new and enhanced look off with Calvin Klein's Volumizing Manscara, which once applied to your eyes, will leave them one step ahead of the game. Look like a male model and be camera and selfie ready with our exclusive Calvin Klein make up kit for men.

5 simple steps to a better, bolder and more confident you! Leave onlookers impressed with your sleeker and flawless new complexion, which will look healthier and revitalised, yet promoting masculinity and subtlety all in one.

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