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Calvin Klein Mens Brow Gel

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Guyliner and Eye Brow Gel For Men

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A luxurious, professional and subtle mens brow gel and eye redefiner which constrains unruly brows and reshapes them into striking features whilst maintaining a very natural and sleek finish. A patented silicon formula from Calvin Klein guarantees a long lasting expert eyebrow look within seconds of application. Application is made effortless further by the included Calvin Klein brow gel application brush designed for quick and easy use. Transform bushy, segmented and even patch eyebrows into smooth and fresh features using this liquid brow gel designed specifically for today’s modern man.

A micronized pigment enriched formula allows for expert blending and a very natural look without acquiring the same traits as applying a hair spray or gel would have to this area. Gain soft, controlled and reshaped eyebrows with a formula that will blend perfectly with your current eye brow shade and even experiment by using this product to fill in gaps and lengthen this area.

By regaining control of your eyebrow region with this liquid based eyeliner and brow gel you can transform your complexion by achieving a subtle and sharper eye brow region. Acquire this professional makeup for men product and join the growing number of men who are using brow gel to their advantage.

Alternatively, use this gel to totally reshape your eyebrows. For an expert touch apply a matching shade mens eyeshadow to this area to remove the appearance of grey and lifeless hairs.. Thicken and redefine your eyebrows and become a new man with the use of this Calvin Klein eye makeup for men must have.

Size - 3.1g