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Calvin Klein Foundation For Men
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This superb coverage liquid foundation from Calvin Klein, promotes a flawless, non-shining blemish free complexion which will last as long as you can with one application per day. A pump action bottle means a few carefully placed spots on your face can be rubbed into your skin with your fingertips or with a variety of application tools, guaranteeing a blemish free complexion within seconds. An immediate confidence boost from a superb coverage mens makeup product is now just a few clicks away.  Say goodbye to troublesome mild to moderate skin imperfections within seconds including spots, moles, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and much much more.

Calvin Klein brings you this high quality foundation for men at an excellent price. Combining the ingredients for optimal moisture throughout your day and a subtle even coverage: This product ensures the benefits of wearing men's make-up last far beyond the removal of the foundation at the end of a busy day or a night.  This Calvin Klein foundation for men is widely regarded as one of the best around and perhaps only paralleled by mmuk man's foundation for men.  Soothing and nourishing elements perfectly complementing world class cover up to give you a finish to be truly proud of.

Size - 29.5ml

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