House of Formen Invisible Blotting Powder

House of Formen Invisible Blotting Powder

House of Formen Concealer

Natural Corrective Men’s Concealer Trio
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Discreetly cover up common skin imperfections with this male concealer from House Of Formen. A men’s concealer trio that hosts three real skin natural shades within its case, include this cosmetic essential into your men’s grooming routine and you’ll never look back. Start off by picking your chosen shade, which you will want to be slightly lighter than your current skin tone and if necessary, use the other two colours to blend with it to get an exact skin match. Next, using your finger tip, evenly apply a small amount of concealer onto your imperfections, before gently blending it into them and the skin immediately surrounding them. Remember gentlemen, a little goes a long way.

If you’re considering using a men’s concealing product, you may be suffering with the likes of adult acne, dark circles, age spots, blemishes, birthmarks and enlarged pores. Other imperfections that this concealer naturally covers up are spots, sun spots and razor bumps. This men’s concealer trio makes light work of these types of imperfection in one effortless application.

Size - 10g

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