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Skin imperfections are ones in which we will all come up against during our hectic lives. Some, unfortunately more than others. But it would be naive to think that the latest D & G model or Mens Health cover guy don’t have their skin problems; because let’s face; we’re all human. They cover up imperfections with makeup for men, they are comfortable waring it; leaving their imperfection casting in the background.

What these guys have and what you now have is the ability to achieve is a flawless masculine facial finish, through a carefully selected grooming regime: combining multiple products. Such a range will inevitably evolve into mens makeup. Men and makeup may not be a formula you’re too familiar with but if these top model guys do it, why shouldn’t you? I’m sure they’re not battling with their subconscious about the fact they’re wearing make-up when all eyes are on them when they enter a bar or club.

It’s simple chemistry, different imperfections are best treated with different types of product, it’s all about using these products in a way to rebalance your skins condition in order to look the best you possibly can. Think of this as your new Science to help you. Spots, scars and blemishes can now be a thing of your past. Acne, wrinkles and tired looking eyes can be treated effectively bringing you into a whole new stratosphere of your manhood, Redefine what your are able to achieve in your skins health and appearance by shopping by imperfection. You’ll never look at mens makeup in the same way again, this we promise you.

We’ve listened to our valued customers in what they require from mens cosmetics and makeup and have put together this section together to make your shopping experience and resolution easier.