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Jack Black Body Hydrator

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Extra-Rich Luxurious Body Lotion For Men

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Most men say no to the prospect of putting on lotion after their showers because of the sticky feeling that it leaves on the skin. But what if there’s a product that simply hydrates your skin without it feeling clogged or heavy? This is the issue addressed by the Jack Black Body Hydrator. Specially formulated for men’s skin, it’s a body lotion with a rich formulation. Surprisingly enough, the texture of the product still leaves a lightweight feeling on the skin so you won’t feel uncomfortable after application. So why go through all the trouble of applying lotion on your body in the first place? Men may not have as many skin care rituals as women, but if you want to look your best, you need to exert the extra effort. The Jack Black Body Hydrator makes this easy, with its combination of natural ingredients like Cupuacu butter, coffee seed oil, organic green tea, ginger root, Meadowfoam, and Argan oil. Use the Jack Black Body Hydrator after showering to leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturised all day long.

Size - 354ml