Taxi Man Mascara For Men

Taxi Man Manscara

Calvin Klein Brown Guyliner

Calvin Klein Brown Guyliner

Leichner Manscara

Jet Black Bold Mascara For Men
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Looking for thicker, fuller man lashes? You’ve come to the right place! Leichner’s jet black waterproof mascara for men is here to push the boundaries of mens makeup. A versatile, thick mascara is designed to give your eyes an extra dimension whilst instead of promoting subtlety unlike others this mens eye makeup really gives your eyes that stand out effect. Leichner combine ‘movie like’ makeup for men with a professional standard in all of their products. Resulting in long lasting and clump free formulas which really come to light in this manscara. Whilst grasping onto each individual lash at the same time curling and illuminating them this eye makeup really gives you that ‘Russell Brand’ look. If you’re going to a gig, if you’re a part of a band and you want to enhance the ‘rocker look’ in you then Leichner’s manscara is the product to have in your wash bag. Rock it, use it and definitely don’t lose it because at a great price this manscara can be everything you want it to be. Even coverage, combined with a great consistency ensure you will not be left disappointed when buying this mens makeup.

Size - 12ml

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