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Leichner Mens Foundation

Photo Shoot Quality Mens Foundation
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Looking for a good quality men’s foundation but don’t want to pay the sometimes hefty price tag? Or maybe you’re looking for a photo shoot quality foundation which is long lasting? Let us introduce to you Leichner’s ‘industry standard’ liquid foundation. Regularly used by experts in the modeling industry this product’s attributes (i.e. it’s moisturising ingredients proven to provide excellent coverage) bridges the gap between industry expert foundation to you normal day fellas by supplying it at an affordable price.

The likes of Robbie Williams and Russell Brand have admitted to using expert industry foundation, so shy shouldn’t you? Be the man, redefine your look with a smooth, sharp and blemish-free complexion; meanwhile portraying a model like look promoting subtlety and masculinity with this product.

A bold and man-style exterior case holds a liquid foundation which can be best applied with your fingers shortly after moisturising. tactfully place small dots around the desired areas before rubbing in with your finger tips. Look like a movie star without the cost, look ready to impress the ladies with a cool, flawless and leaner skin tone for just £6.

Size - 20ml

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