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Leichner Mens Makeup Kit

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Professional Makeup For Men Kit

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Contains; Leichner Mens Foundation - Photo Shoot Quality Mens Foundation (30ml) Leichner Mens Concealer - Luminous Touch Concealer For Men (1.7ml) - 10. Wheat Leichner Manscara - Jet Black Bold Mascara For Men (12ml) A professional mens makeup kit brought to you by Mens Makeup UK. Leichner originally operated within the stage and film industry ensuring camera ready looks and finishes to actors faces year after year. Leichner have recently moved into the makeup for men market and offer you this kit which combines three of their most popular products. A liquid based mens foundation which promotes long lasting and flawless coverage whilst covering up even the smallest of imperfections. A lightweight texture and hydrating formula combine to really enhance your skins natural pigments meaning subtlety is maintained throughout. This makeup for men kit also includes a jet black mascara specifically designed to capture and enhance mens generally thicker eye lashes. Use a little product for a subtle and supple look ensuring a professional 'interview ready' look is achieved. Or, apply more mascara for men and smudge with your fingers to achieve a 'goth like' look depending on the occasion. The fact of the matter is guys that no one is naturally perfect and whether your Brad Pitt or Jude Law we all need a little help in hand. Here to help you is this makeup kit's final product which is Leichner's professional illuminating concealer. A thick textured concealer which once applied blends expertly with your natural skins pigments ensuring imperfections are covered up quickly and naturally. Be HD ready with this mens makeup kit and play the part in your own life you were born to play by achieving that perfect and imperfection free look.