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L'Oreal Mens Collagen Moisturiser

Anti-Wrinkle Collagen Night Moisturiser
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A big worry for all men out there is to avoid the appearance of lifeless skin and the appearance of fine liens and wrinkle. L’Oreal Men Expert are here to help. There’s numerous products out there designed to specifically target regions of the face that are susceptible to these issue. But, this product has something unique. Firstly, on average us fellas spend 114 days a year asleep in bed. L’Oreal have targeted this time as vital in the prevention of aging. It’s carefully selected ingredients are blended to rejuvenate the skin whilst you sleep ensuring you wake up feeling and looking extra-fresh and alert for the challenges of the day. Secondly, this product contains collagen filler clinically tested and recommended in the battle agains aging. Each time you change your facial expressions your muscles send micro-contractions to your skin over time causing expression lines. Collagen targets these areas during application to minimize and fill these expression lines hence blocking the appearance of aging. Simply work this into your evening bathroom routine and start noticing the difference within 10 days. Be the all round man by providing your skin with round the clock protection and you will not be left disappointed.

Size - 50ml

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