The men's beauty market is buzzing and male makeup is fast becoming a part of it. The most common enquiry we receive from gentlemen, who are looking to buy our makeup products is how do they know what shade to pick that will work best for them. We've tried numerous strategies over the years and discovered that the most effective way to discover your colour is to send a photo into Nathan, our chief men's makeup artist.

If the above colour guide doesn't quite give you clarity, or you're still not confident of the right shade to go for, simply send us in a recent photo, or if you'd prefer, a photo of the back of your hand. You can e-mail your photo to and we will get back to you within four working hours, advising you of the best shade we stock, best suited to your skin tone.

All photos are dealt with strict confidentiality and are immediately removed from our system once a reply has been sent to you. When it comes to choosing what tone of makeup for men you need, we understand that it can be time consuming and tricky. Our above guide has also been designed to help you quickly identify your skin tone and understand how far you can deviate from this tone to maintain subtlety.

As a general rule, the colours N3 and C25 have been designed for very pale and fair skin tones, whilst N4 and N5 are ideal for white caucasian gentlemen who have light skin. N7 has been designed for tanned men, who have a light/medium complexion, or simply caucasian men who tend to tan in the summer. For medium skin tones, both N7 and N8 work very well. N9 is a very common choice for Indian and Pakistani gentlemen, whilst N10 matches perfectly for black gentlemen.

We understand that busy gentlemen like you simply haven't got time to waste trawling the web to discover the correct makeup shade for them. With our wide variety of brands on offer, the number of different shades available for each could cause nothing but problems, when it comes to choosing the one for you. Step forward MMUK MAN's expert colour matching service.