mmuk man, make-up brand for men

During the fall of 2011 sought to provide every man out there with the solution to their cosmetic needs and they did so with mmuk man. We realise the needs and wants of Britain’s modern day man! Men want to be seductive, in great shape and confident to attract all types of beautiful women.

Off to the drawing board we went with a specific formula in mind and this autumn are extremely proud to launch our very own market leading brand ‘mmuk man’. Our captivating and unparalleled products target and meet the needs of every day men by providing you with a wide range of approved and innovative products, from Cleansers’ to foundations’.

We are on a sole mission to build a world renowned brand trusted by every man out there; making each and every one feel and look the best they can every day. For you guys perfection should be nothing less than standard, and our research, passion and dedication put into our range will leave you wanting more and wonder how you ever lived without us.

Enjoy our brand new range mmuk man being launched in late 2011. Featuring moisturisers, concealers, foundations, face masks, cleansers and toners.