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Luxury Tanning Cosmetic For Men
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Introducing Nickel's Gradual Tanning Tinted Moisturiser, a lightly tanned moisturiser for men that allows you to build up a natural tan over a number of weeks. This luxury cosmetics for men product is split up into three elements, each giving you the power to enhance your complexion, upgrade your look and enjoy a true surge in confidence. Designed to be worn completely undetectable, Nickel’s Tinted Moisturiser contains an advanced complex specifically engineered for men’s skin of all oil structures.

The first element of this product is its excellent moisturising base. A silky smooth moisturiser that leaves the skin feeling velvety soft, supple and ready for action. Draw away the daily stresses and strains on your skin with a masculine scented base that leaves your skin in tip top condition. Its advanced moisturising capabilities leaves the skin feeling comfortable, hydrated and nourished all day long.

The second element to this product, winner of our Best Tinted Moisturiser 2013 award, is its inbuilt hint of colour that evens skin tone, improves texture and offers a blanket of coverage to rough and imperfection prone skin. Make your skin appear more flawless, healthy and toned with just one morning application of this luxury makeup without makeup product. The inbuilt tine dramatically reduces the appearance of spots, blemishes, redness and other facial marks that tend to zap away every ounce of confidence on a daily basis.

Finally, the gradual tanning aspect of this male tinted moisturiser offers true cosmetic versatility for gentlemen who want to slowly and naturally build up that perfect post-holiday tanned shine. Unlike most men's tanning agents that build up too quickly and appear orange, Nickel use an advanced complex to adjust the tone of your skin’s main pigment, leading to a completely natural and longer lasting tan.

With all three elements of this tinted moisturiser fighting the likes of pale and dull skin, spots, blemishes and fatigue, get ready for true enhancement, whilst keeping your masculinity and alpha male status firmly intact. The Nickel Spa For Men is based in London and this tinted moisturiser is one of the cornerstone products of their wonderful range. Being hugely popular in winter and in the build up to summer, you can now enjoy some of the limelight with just a quick and easy morning application.

Size - 30ml

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