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Recipe For Men Spot Eraser

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Anti-Blemish Cover Stick For Men

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There is nothing worse in the grooming game than being presented with a single or group of spots when looking in the mirror, fact! However, thanks to Recipe For Men’s specialist concealer for men you can put those shadow days well and truly behind you with anti-blemish power, rivaled only by the best makeup for men in the industry. This intense-coverage men’s concealer, goes on extremely subtle and targets spots, blackheads and blemishes for the ultimate in cover up.

Recipe For Men’s waterproof formula performs expertly with three complex steps, all forming one powerful anti-blemish product loved by men all over Europe and coveted by some of the men’s makeup industry’s leading experts. Firstly, by smoothing the skin directly layering your spot or blemish, your skin will appear less bumpy and more even, particularly great if your facial imperfections remain isolated, as spots in particular blend in to your clear skin more easily.

Secondly, anti-inflammatory ingredients (including Salicylic Acid) reduce irritation, swelling, redness and general soreness associated with the occasional rise of a pimple or series of spots. Target ingredients reduce swelling and infection, proving to be a crucial step in reducing their definition across your complexion.

Finally, a sebum controlling formula, absorbs any excess residue for a completely anti-shine and matte feel and look. The result? A simple little kind of freedom in your male makeup preferences, as this product remains undetectable all day long.

These three elements wonderfully collate and combine with a high coverage concealer to create a non-clogging formula, promoting ultimate subtlety. Whether you’re out for that special occasion or partaking in a spot of afternoon shopping, look your best with one of the best anti-blemish cover sticks around brought to you by Recipe For Men and MMUK MAN.

Size - 2.5ml