Recipe For Men Concealer

Recipe For Men Concealer

MMUK MAN Concealer Pen

MMUK MAN Men's Concealer Pen

Recipe For Men Under Eye Primer

Luxury Anti-Aging Mens Makeup Base
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The perfect undercoat to men’s eye concealer, Recipe For Men’s Under Eye Skin Primer is the first choice pre treatment, designed to moisturiser, protect and revive your typically very delicate eye contours. Derived to encourage long lasting makeup for men wear underneath the eye, dramatically improve the performance cf brightening concealers and liquid based concealers for men, formulated to cover up bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

This clear men’s under eye gel boasts regenerative properties to the very delicate skin of your under-eye, allowing them to naturally revitalize over a period of four to six week’s., all whilst creating an optimal barrier between skin care and makeup for men wear.

You may be thinking how does this product actually improve the performance of concealer? Creating the perfect base layer to your makeup, this skin primer for men not only encourages a longer lasting wear, but guarantees your contours don’t start to show the signs of obvious male makeup wear, characteristics which could otherwise arise later in your day as the formulas often dry out.

Fundamentally, this product encourages the secure and subtle binding of concealer formulas to your skin, whilst protecting your contours against excess oil secretion and a washed out and drooping look. Take a giant step towards removing dark circles and puffiness in particular by calling in the Scandinavian excellence of Recipe for Men.

Size - 15ml

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