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W7 Eyebrow Pencil For Men

W7 Eyebrow Pencil For Men

Tea Tree Blemish Healing Concealer For Men

W7 Repairing Men’s Concealer Stick
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Combining the healing properties of tea tree oil and the natural covering ability of camouflage cream, this concealer stick for men by W7 paves the way for a new generation of male grooming. Boasting a double action anti-blemish formula, which smooths out the appearance of common facial imperfections and heals the skin beneath the surface, this cover stick for men truly deserves its accolades from some of the biggest makeup for men and male beauty advocates in the business.

Rapidly minimizing common facial imperfections on men upon application, this natural coverage tea tree concealer offers a fresh and zesty scent and is designed to withstand sweat, water, rain and other daily elements, for all day long cover-up. Take out the fuss of finding the right colour with W7’s unique colour matching ability and enjoy the powerful blending ability of this advanced formula for men. Arriving in two shades to keep men’s makeup selection as easy as it can be (light/medium and medium/dark), rid your face of imperfections and reveal and brand new and enhanced complexion.

Bridging the gap between performance and affordability, this subtle male concealer blends in very well using your fingertip or men’s blending brush, for a quick and easy continuation of smooth looking skin. Whether it’s eye related men’s imperfections such as dark circles, bags and puffiness, or skin related problems in the form of spots, acne, blemishes, red bumps or marks, utilize the repairing power of tea tree as W7 quickly shakes up things on the grooming scene.

Concealer for men testimonials from MMUK MAN clients

‘’I used this concealer over the summer and loved it. I went to Cancun and was always on the go. The heat, pool water and busy nights didn’t budge it. Despite fading a little when I went in the sea, I’d definitely recommend it. My blemishes looked soothed after a few days of application and began to lose their redness after about a week. It’s easy to apply and covers really well. I get spots and blemishes across my forehead and a simple dab and pat hides them naturally. I used the light to medium shade and was very impressed with how well it matched both my pre holiday and post holiday tanned skin.’’ (David Henderson, Gillingham)

‘’A great smelling and healing concealer for me! I was tired of showing fine lines around my outer eye and wrinkles across my forehead, just a little dab along my affected area and they banished instantly. It’s stylish and looks really manly, which is important if you’re wearing concealer for men, as women’s products i’ve tried just look too cakey. This comes with a glowing recommendation from me as a 30 something year old man.’’ (Joshua Clarke, Somerset)

''I brought this product before fresher’s week in October and was instantly addicted. A quick swipe hides my spots and acne marks before a night out and keeps them hidden. I usually go a bit red after drinking and this really helps to soothe my skin in that respect. It smelt good and was really impressed with the price. It’s still going strong now after many a night out during my first term at University and my skin problems do appear less distinct, which is great. I would say this is up there with the best male makeup concealers i’ve purchased in the past.’’ (Robert Grimshaw, Sussex)

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