W7 Makeup For Men Kit

W7 Makeup For Men Kit

Clarins Moisturising Foundation For Men

Clarins Mens Moisturising Foundation

Yves Saint Laurent Concealer For Men

Touche Eclat L'Homme Luxurious Mens Concealer
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It’s everything! It’s what you’ve been waiting for and It’s the number 1 selling mens concealer pen in the UK. Makeup for men will never be the same again with Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat Mens Corrective Concealer. A specialist creamy, corrective and concealing formula which harnesses your natural skin tone to ensure it’s application goes unnoticed. Illuminate your sex appeal, highlight your skin in all the right areas and revive your look with this all-in-one mens makeup masterpiece.

A quick, durable and easy to apply mens concealer pen which covers up imperfections on your face such as dark circles, eye bags, spots and blemishes amongst others. Banish your problem areas and redefine your sex appeal with Britain’s most talked about makeup for men product, ever. YSL’s L’Homme Conce

aler Pen was voted the most ‘sought after product’ and ‘best newcomer‘ by Men’s Health readers in 2011 and is now available to you at a great price from Mens Makeup UK. We guarantee you will not be left disappointed and keep coming back for more, for years to come. A unique, sensual and luxurious concealer specifically designed for mens skin that guarantees expert coverage with it’s effective, lightweight and camouflaging enriched formula. The incredible concealer for men covers up imperfections in three very unique and patented ways guaranteeing that’s it really is one of a kind.

Firstly, an energizing plant complex consisting of amica, cypress and solomon seeds encourage and stimulate micro-circulation at your skins surface. This ensures light is reflected off your skins surface, ultimately resulting in the concealing of eye bags, dark circles and blemishes: some of the key signs of aging in men. Secondly, this incredibly lightweight, creamy texture has the ability to conceal even large infected mens pores and reduce the appearance of them. Even large sores, spots, scabs and even scars can be covered up effortlessly providing you with a perfect skin service.

Finally melanin stimulating enzymes react instantly beneath the skins surface to ensure this expert concealer pen blends in phenomenally well to your natural skins’ tone meaning your new found perfection can be just your little secret.

Look younger, achieve a great skin complexion and rework your sex appeal by becoming one of Britain’s ‘new men‘ with the aid of makeup for men and in particular concealers for men. A special inbuilt formula guarantees expert matching to your skins natural tone even if the only colour released does not exactly match your skin tone.

Size 2.5ml

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