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Andy Roddick After Shave

After Shave For Men eau de toilette
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An exceptional smelling and long lasting after shave fragrance for men from Andy Roddick. This will tone your skin and instantly leave your face feeling fresher and close pores, opened by the rigours of shaving. As a result, your pores will be less prone to impurities ensuring a more sleeker finish with fewer imperfection and a more smoother feel. Men love attracting women with a great smelling body, but this doesn't mean you should use half a can of deodorant and a screaming fragrance which doesn't symbolise class. Allow this after shave fragrance to make you smell sexy yet in a subtle and classy way which will leave women around you wanting more. Finally, this product will provide a base to the application of makeup with the bonus of a great smell. We recommend leaving it 3-4 minutes after application to reap the benefits of this great aftershave.

Size - 100ml

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