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Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Moisturiser

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Luxury Men’s Body Moisturiser

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If you think that moisturisers, toners, and similar products are solely women’s territory, think again. In today’s world, where image is everything, you have no excuse to look sloppy and have icky, dry skin. Thanks to products like Billy Jealousy’s Sake Bomb Moisturiser, you can easily say goodbye to dry skin and hello to great skin that prospective romantic prospects can drool over. The Sake Bomb Moisturiser is a skin moisturiser which has a formulation that’s free from parabens, dyes, or anything that may harm the natural pH balance of your skin. To soften and hydrate the skin, it has Tahitian blooms called Monoi de Tahiti. Combined with refined coconut oil, yogurt powder, vitamin E, and Teprenone, this product is definitely ‘the bomb’ when it comes to offering your skin a whole slew of benefits. The Billy Jealousy Sake Bomb Moisturiser won the 2012 Men’s Health Singapore Grooming Award, and it earned other recognitions as well since it was first launched in the market. If you want to look good and feel great all over, this moisturiser is the right product to use.

Size - 450ml