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Clarins Mens Cleanser

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Leichner Mens Foundation

Clarins Mens Toner

Toning Lotion For Men
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Take the second step and buy the next building block of your daily skin regime with Clarins’ Toning Lotion. Designed for application after a cleansing milk, for example it’s clarins’ partner ‘Clarins Mens Cleanser’. This toner refreshes and tones your skin instantly giving your skin a more sharper and defined look. Get ready for action for a day in business or a night out in the city. This toner really does provide the basis for the application of moisturizer and make-up shortly after to leave you looking your best. Why use a toner, some men may say? Well amongst other things a good toner will fight the skins tendency to age, it will leave your skin feeling fresher, whilst soothing and making you feel better. It provides the basis to apply moisturiser and make-up and is an all round winner in the wash bag department. This toner, like other’s leaves your skin ultra clean which will tackle and safeguard against the rising of imperfections such as spots, rashes and blemishes. It also, restores your skins natural ph balance long into your day or night ensuring a long lasting finish boosting your confidence. It’s price tag may be above the average but this lasted the average male 5-6 months based on feedback in 2010 so it’s time to ask yourself the question, is your skin worth it?

Size - 200ml

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