Calvin Klein Beard Filler and Eye Makeup Remover

Calvin Klein Beard Filler and Eye Makeup Remover

Eye Makeup Remover For Men

Oil Free Male Cosmetic Remover
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When it comes to removing stubborn eye makeup products such as mascara and eyeliner for men, there is really only one winner, in the form of this excellent men's eye makeup remover. Make light work of even the toughest waterproof eye product, leaving your eyes fresh and product free.

It's important to free your eyes of common male makeup product, especially before you sleep and with this eye makeup remover, it's easier than ever before. Dabbing a little product onto the included cotton wool balls, you can quickly and easily remove all manner of makeup product with this non-irritating and kind to the skin formula.

100% oil-free and perfect for even sensitive skin types, this cosmetic removal product remains one of our most popular. Containing active benefits and softening the eye area in the process, leave your lashes and lids revitalizes and completely clear. Fully Opthalmologically tested for upmost security, get the entire male makeup experience with minimal fuss.

Size - 112ml

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