Face UK Mens Body Scrub

Face UK Mens Body Scrub

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Face UK Mens Body Moisturiser

Moisturising Lotion For Men
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A perfect compatriot to ‘Face UK’s Mens Body Scrub’ this moisturising body lotion is designed to restore your skins moisture balance to ensure long winters and hot summers do not destroy your skins’ cells, which become harder to replace after 25. A hydroxy formula combines with soothing ingredients to leave your skin quickly smooth and firm. We realise, like mens make-up, men out there may reside on the cautious side when it comes to using body lotion. However, we began selling this body lotion due to the sheer number of guys coming to us for help in protecting their skin against stretch marks and aging. So, whether your a guy who hits the gym wanting to fight stretch marks and/or a man looking to maintain or restore your body’s youthful look: this product is a must have in your wash bag. Apply 1-2 times per day for optimum results and a 200ml case will keep up with the pace of your busy schedule.

Size - 200ml

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