Black Grimas Facial Hair Enhancer

Black Water Based Makeup For Men
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A staggering 47% of men are unhappy with the way their facial hair looks. Limp and lifeless hair can really hamper your chances in achieving a masculine finish to your face. Use this black water based makeup for men which can be applied with a general mens makeup brush and work this product into the skin around the facial hair area. Whether you wish to enhance a moustache or intensify your stubble by firstly adding a little water to your brush before application. Gently groove the brush through your facial hair remembering not to use too much of the makeup. Less is certainly more in this scenario and the results can be quite staggering. You will see before your eyes the black makeup gripping it's way onto your hair follicles and thickening their feel. A long lasting and beard enhancing makeup product which is used by the world's best makeup artists. Facial hair enhancement has been a best kept secret for years; it's finally time to allow Mens Makeup UK to guide you into achieving perfection with yet another makeup for men tip.

Size - 15ml

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