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Kenmen Bronzer

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Blo-Job Bronzing Powder For Men

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Kenmen's Bronzer is a wonderfully easy male cosmetic product to master and offers all the versatility that men need when it comes to looking good, day in, day out. This luxury bronzing powder is dispensed onto an already attached finely tipped bronzing applicator, meaning with just a few clicks, you can deliver just the right amount of bronzer to your face and preserve your masculinity. Take out all the fuss of getting the right amount of bronzer onto your brush with Kenmen's carefully measured dose of three clicks, designed to leave you looking glowing, tanned and dare we say it? Sexy. Fight off pale and fatigued skin with this bronzer for men, exclusively available in the UK through Men’s Make-Up.

This translucent matte face powder bronzer comes in a choice of three naturally enhancing shades: Matte Shine Control, for lighter skin tones, Butternut, for guys who want to max out on tan and Spice, especially designed for darker skin tones. All three bronzer tones are matte and offer superb shine control, perfect for all day long perfection!

For a subtle and healthy shimmer, ensure you apply this men's makeup product onto clean and moisturised skin. If you regularly dabble in a little foundation for men, that's fine too, as you bid for a tanned and sculpted look. Apply this men's bronzer in circular motions across each section of the face after two or three clicks. Remembering to press a few extra times when new, To prevent over bronzing and streaking, shake excess powder onto a tissue before you apply to ensure that just the right amount of powder goes to where it's needed.

Size - 12g