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Clear Brow Conditioning Cosmetic For Men
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Enhance the appearance of your eyebrows with Kenmen's male brow gel. Patchy, unruly and hard to control brows getting in your way? Take immediate action with this enriching, organic and clear brow conditioning formula for men. Scarce and thinning areas of the eyebrows often make them look patchy and uneven. With brow complaints amongst men on the rise, Kenmen makeup offer the perfect cosmetic enhancement, designed to last all day long.

Apply quickly and easily to the entirety of the brow and its clear formula will quickly get to work on thickening, controlling and defining your troublesome brows. Equally as easy to remove, Kenmen's Male Brow Gel is a fantastic option for men struggling with over bearing or underperforming eyebrows. This organic formula is a stalwart product of the glorious Kenmen collection, which offers wonderfully subtle makeup for men enhancements designed for you.

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