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Men Rock Oak Moss Beard Soap

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Freshly Fragranced Beard Care Product

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With the uprise of beard styling and facial forest growth in recent years, we have been inundated with gentlemen seeking advice on how to combine mens makeup products with a good looking beard. The answer is easy! Manage the upkeep of your beard with Men Rock’s Oak Moss Beard Soap and your cosmetic products will finish off the job expertly. Cleanse, refresh and rid your beard of stubborn styling products, food and other debris that build up throughout your day. This luxury beard soap also removes dead skin cells from your skin underneath, meaning gentlemen, if you decide to give it a chop every now and then, you will not be left paying the penalty of underperforming skin. Whether you use mens face makeup or not, this beard soap does all the leg work and provides a great finish to your beard.

Size - 100ml