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Men’s Foundation Applicator

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The Ultimate Liquid and Mousse Foundation Accessory

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For most guys, getting to grips with men’s foundation can seem like an arduous task. If you’re new to the world of men’s makeup and in particular foundation, it’s not uncommon to have a series of questions and reservations when it comes to applying it correctly. With the modern man extremely keen to achieve fuss-free and natural application of all of his cosmetics, step forward the latest innovation in the male makeup accessory category.

Introducing our brand new Men’s Foundation Applicator, which has been uniquely designed tip to take out all the stresses and worry associated with foundation for men application. This one of a kind applicator features a softly rounded application tip with a sponge like texture to assist in the quick and smooth application of a wide range of different men’s foundations.

Perfect for the application of liquid, cream and mousse foundation’s, this masterpiece has been designed to reach every contour and crevice of your face, guaranteeing smooth and even coverage in the process. For gentlemen who struggle to get their foundation even and who sometimes may even experience their product caking - it’s well worth adding this product to your men’s accessory weaponry.

The tip of this applicator is affixed to a high quality and sturdy handle that’s completely comfortable in hand. It’s also incredibly easy to clean this sponge applicator and with its slimline look, it’ll fit perfectly and discreetly in your wash bag.