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MMUK MAN 3-Well Powder Contouring Palette

MMUK MAN 3-Well Powder Contouring Palette

MMUK MAN 6-Well Powder Contouring Palette

Facial Shape Enhancing Makeup For Men
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Men’s facial contouring is massively on the rise and with MMUK MAN’s 6-Well professional Powder Contouring Palette, you can easily master this growing art. This larger size palette contains 6 shades of face powder to take your contouring to the next level. A great option for men who are familiar with contouring, or who want to practice with a variety of different shades, enhance your look expertly with this face palette and leave your face looking sculpted and toned.

Use this men’s contouring makeup set after the application of foundation and concealer, applying the darker shades down your cheek bones, jawline, nose and temples, before highlighting the rest of your face, including the lower cheeks, forehead, chin and the bridge of your nose with its lighter shades, before blending in with a brush applicator. There are some great guides out there also to master contouring, including our Ultimate Guide to Contouring and with a few practices, you’ll soon be cutting it like a pro.

This powder contour palette is suitable for guys with normal to oily skin types, whereas our range of cream contour kits are suitable for dry skin types. Remembering to practice and apply this sets range of 6 powders in natural light, where you can, a professional makeup for men finish just got a huge step closer with MMUK MAN. It’s recommended that you apply such products with a mineral buffer brush and when you finish, for a longer lasting finish apply a little Invisible Blotting Powder, such as MMUK MAN’s Anti Shine Powder. The 6-Well Powder set comes in 2 selections of shade range, one for light skin and the other for darker complexions.

Size - 6 x 10g

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