MMUK MAN Acne Therapy Lotion

Blemex Clear Drying Lotion
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MMUK MAN’s Acne Therapy Lotion is a professional-grade acne formula, containing doctor-recommended ingredients to clear breakouts, prevent their reoccurrence and repair the appearance of skin, that has been damaged by acne. An oil-free lotion that is extremely lightweight, this product absorbs immediately into the skin, without leaving residue or blocking its pores. Helping to soothe and repair the damaging affects of acne on the skin and instantly improve its surface, for the long-term regeneration of your skin, this lotion is an absolute essential.

Designed to dry out blemishes and reduce swelling, Acne Therapy Lotion works tirelessly whilst you sleep. The powerful ingredients in this men’s acne product also combine, to dissolve dirt and oils from deep within the skin, which contribute towards problem pimples. Containing Sulfur, Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide, three superior components that effectively dry out the environment in which acne typically thrives in, as well as eliminate its negative components, Acne Therapy produces magnificent confidence-changing results.

A quick night time application of this treatment will yield marvelous results in the morning, with spots either gone, or well on their way out. Combine with MMUK MAN’s Acne Spot Repair for a two-in-one targeted formula against breakouts.

Size - 30ml

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