MMUK MAN Mineral Pressed Bronzer Refill

MMUK MAN Mineral Pressed Bronzer Refill

MMUK MAN Beard Filler Refill

Beard and Brow Shadow Refill
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When MMUK MAN launched our revolutionary Beard Filler in 2015, we never knew the reaction it would get from the men’s makeup market. Needless to say, it exploded in popularity! Now, we introduce you to our Brow and Beard Filler Refill, allowing men to tackle patchy and uneven facial hair every day of the week, with a simple re-fill that can be clipped into your original pot of Beard Filler, costing much less to top up in the process. This Beard Shadow formula works by clinging onto faint facial hair and enhancing it by darkening and lengthening it. Designed to look completely undetectable, our Beard Filler refill is available in a choice of colours to naturally match your facial hair colour and beef up under-performing beards.

Size – 5g

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