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MMUK MAN Body Foundation

Face and Body Foundation For Men
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MMUK MAN’s Body Foundation is a lightweight men’s cosmetic product that provides the skin with a natural layer of sheer coverage with a soft and skin evening satin finish. Offering buildable medium coverage, this incredibly moisturising men’s body foundation perfects your skin instantly when glided onto the body and quickly sinks in to ensure long lasting staying power that will not rub off onto clothes. This makeup for men masterclass is comfortable to apply and spreads across the body evenly without fuss. The demand of such a product has arisen from the sheer volume of our clients looking to even and unify their entire bodies skin tone, in the process covering up the likes of redness, scaring, tattoos and even skin grafts. Such is the power of this men’s body makeup, you can camouflage most areas of issue on the body with a high performance formula that will also nourish and moisturize your skin. Coming in a 50ml bottle, you do not need to use as much of this product, as if you were applying it to your face, as a little goes a long way in your daily pursuit of perfection.

Encased in the iconic MMUK MAN packaging, upgrade your body’s appearance with one of our most exciting products to date. This hugely popular foundation for men also contains collagen, which speeds up skin cell turnover within the skin, resulting in a firmer and younger looking body in the process. Water resistant and non-transferable, wear this product in complete comfort, knowing that it will remain subtle and will not rub off onto clothes. Made for cameras and television, look HD ready wether on the go, or out for that special occasion.

Size - 20ml

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