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MMUK MAN Brow Styling Gel For Men

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Brow Fixx Tinted Mens Eye Makeup

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Lengthen, thicken, control and condition men’s unruly brows with this eyebrow styling gel available at MMUK MAN. Give an enhanced shimmer to your brows with the eye makeup expertise of our luxury male cosmetics range. Captivate your audience or simply look great from day to day with this brow gel for men, available in three distinct shades; Clear, Brown and Blonde. This 'absolute male beauty must have' has been coveted by some of the most popular grooming guru's around and has also featured in the very popular Mr Wharff male grooming blog, where beauty lover John really put it through its paces. Thom Whatson at Manface also issued his verdict on one of the most popular men's eye products on the market earlier this year.

Using your eyes to engage your audience, developing attraction, or simply looking good has never been so easy with this easy to apply men’s brow gel. Offering a cutting edge design and finish to your makeup, as well as an alluring look, choose the power of this luxury makeup for men bestseller.

Shape, define and tame hard to control men’s brows with this perfect eye framer. Enhance your natural facial features including the shape and natural colour of your eyes. Do not let your bushy and mischievous eyebrows dictate your facial style going forward. Enjoy compliments and a well deserved boost in confidence with this superb men’s brow gel. Applied easily, quickly and effectively with the included application brush, simply glide the applicator over your brows, ensuring just the right amount of product resides on your brows. Look great in an instant!

Size - 6ml