MMUK MAN Mineral Kabuki Brush

MMUK MAN Mineral HD Kabuki Brush

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MMUK MAN Moisture Rejuvenating Serum

MMUK MAN Lash Curler

Men’s Metal Lash Curler
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Sculpt and shape your lashes for all day long perfection with MMUK MAN’s Lash Curler. This metal men’s cosmetic tool has been made sturdily to guarantee years and years of eye-popping lashes. Whether you use this tool on its own or with the application of mascara, you can achieve flourishing lashes that promise to draw attention to the windows of your soul. To achieve this look, take your mascara wand and apply it to your lashes from root to tip. Start at the base of your lashes and gently glide it up and out, to ensure even distribution of the product. Remember to not forget the lower lashes too! After letting the mascara dry for a few seconds, take this lash curler and place safely in position before curling your lashes effortlessly into place.

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