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Anti Redness Pre Foundation Primer
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The ultimate godsend for all men struggling with redness, sensitive skin and rosacea, MMUK MAN’s Skin Tone Balancer is an anti redness pre foundation primer for men that well and truly kicks underperforming complexions back into shape. Whilst correcting and priming the skin, prior to the application of your favourite male cosmetics, such as foundation, concealer and bronzer, this hi-definition balancer also protects and moisturizes it, for all day long lasting wear. With its superior anti redness qualities, driven by a skin tone balancing green base, remove redness, irritation and rosacea, each and every day from your grooming map.

Smooth your skin in an instant with this lightweight and non greasy colour corrector. Balance tone before targeting other facial imperfections with your chosen MMUK MAN Foundation. Supreme skin care is driven by this Balancer’s premium formula, using only the finest components to ensure your skin’s natural defenses are fully reinforced. Apply this makeup for men primer with your fingertips all over your face in the same way you would apply a normal daily moisturiser. Used in place of such a product, go pro with MMUK MAN cosmetics and let the green tint of this men’s makeup base counteract the visibility of redness, leaving your skin tone perfected and complexion fully neutralized. New in 2019 and sure to be an instant hit with our male cosmetic faithful!

Size - 30ml

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