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Recipe for Men Ultra Clean Shower Gel

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Extra Cream Grapefruit Enriched Body Wash

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Spending long hours in the office and then indulging during the weekend with your buddies can take its toll on your skin, gents. Whether you’ve been up late partying or working extra hours in the office, a product like Recipe for Men’s Ultra Clean Shower Gel will give you that extra pick-me-up that you need. In 2014, it bagged the Men’s Health Grooming Award, which just goes to show how superior it is as a product. The Ultra Clean Shower Gel is specifically formulated for men’s skin, offering thorough cleansing properties. Although it does give you that squeaky-clean feeling right after a shower, it does so without over drying the skin so you’ll still feel hydrated. Aloe vera, grapefruit and guarana are the natural ingredients which make it even more beneficial to use. Guarana in particular is an energizing botanical that will give your body that quick burst of energy, perfect when starting the day. Use the Recipe for Men Ultra Clean Shower Gel while taking a quick shower or a leisurely bath.

Size - 200ml