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E-Coy Platinum BB Cream For Guys

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White Gold BB Make-up For Men

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Introducing the brand new BB cream for men from Elishacoy, a brand known for delivering excellence in the female industry, quickly branching out with specialist makeup product for gentlemen. This platinum B.B (blemish balm) for men utilizes the power of white gold to give your skin a smooth and supple look and feel. Such is the power and rarity of this white gold (nano-platinum) element, that upon application it really acts as a super charged catalyst for skin regeneration and anti-wrinkle care. Offering SPF30 sun protection, along with superb moisturising and brightening capabilities, this BB cream really deserves its place amongst male skin care’s finest and most effective.

However, despite showcasing fantastic skin care benefits, a great product simply wouldn’t make it onto our makeup for men store without offering some form of complexion enhancement. It is with such features that this product really does come into its own. Whilst preventing and recovering troublesome skin behind the scenes, benefit from a natural layer of cover up, reducing the appearance of men’s facial imperfections instantly. This blemish covering formula wipes out rough and uneven skin, improves your skin’s condition and refines it to such a degree that you will be completely in awe of your very own skin.

Give yourself that invaluable boost in confidence with this sebum controlling and pore resizing men’s BB cream. Designed to avoid clogging up your pores, avoiding that typically greasy heavy feel throughout the day, this long lasting covering agent is your perfect spy, when involved in a little skin care warfare. For thin, yet effective coverage, which remains completely subtle, take advantage of this male BB cream, utilizing some powerhouse ingredients such as Arbutin, and Adenosine, along with Barley Shoot, Ivy and Eucalyptus extract. Apply evenly to your skin, in the same way you would a men’s moisturiser for quick and effective care and cover up.

Size - 50ml