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W-HAN Men’s CC Cream

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High Performance Male Cloaking Cream

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Yet another splendid men’s cosmetic product brought to you by Eastern male makeup specialists W-Han. This Cloaking Cream (CC Cream) offers a wide variety of benefits, perfect for men on the go, those wishing to look good and men who generally want to show off an even skin surface. Likened to men’s foundation, yet coming without the tag-line, this cosmetic for men master class evens skin tone and smoothes out your entire complexion, all whilst remaining incredibly natural. Coupling the key benefits of foundation, along with a soft blanket of coverage to your skin, this men’s CC cream boasts a variety of skin loving ingredients, justifying it’s position at the top end of the mens cosmetics market.

This men’s CC cream has been formulated to immediately give you back confidence. Expertly disguise redness, irritation and rough skin for a more supple and refreshed look. Designed to give you incredibly natural colour by adjusting to the orientation of your own skin’s pigments, the natural colour offered by W-Han is expertly mirrored by its subtlety. Throwing in UV protection and a quick absorbing formula base, just a simple application will lead you on the road to recovery, as you fight fatigue, imperfections and general facial blemishes.

An advanced complex of Allantoin and Aloe Vera combine with the receptivity of Collagen to improve your skin’s elasticity and youthful finish. Allowing for the deeper penetration of skin friendly vitamins, this CC cream has rightly been called the Swiss army knife of male skin care because of both its short term cover–up presence and sheer ability to regenerate your skin and improve its condition in the long term. Refining further is an optimal dose of Cantella Asiatica, perfect for troublesome and sensitive skin types. Formulated to greet any men’s skin type with great performance, W-HAN’s popularity looks set to rise further still, as it’s clear benefits are not going un noticed by cosmetically hungry and appreciative western gentlemen.

Size - 50ml