Recipe For Men Tinted Moisturiser

Recipe For Men Tinted Moisturiser

MMUK MAN BB Tinted Moisturiser

MMUK MAN BB Tinted Moisturiser

Henri Lloyd Male Tinted Moisturiser

SPF15 Ocean Mineral Tanning Makeup For Men
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Welcome to another new addition of the growing MMUK MAN collection in the form of Henri Lloyd’s Ocean Mineral Tinted Moisturiser For Men. Encased in a sophisticated, suave and easy to use bottle, which would be a welcome addition to any mans bathroom armoury, this stylish product is certainly here to stick around.

As the number of gentlemen searching to bridge the gap between skin care and cosmetics grows, the popularity of male tinted moisturisers remains very much stimulated. Whilst others concentrate purely on the performance aspect of such a product line, Henri Lloyd’s version creates a whole new ora around the product in hand.

Built with the purest and most enriching marine minerals, Henri Lloyd’s tinted male moisturiser protects and energizes the skin for optimal comfort, suppleness and hydration. Allowing you to reveal a fresh glow with a non-streaky and incredibly natural tint, you can now even skin tone, remove minor facial imperfections and achieve a refined complexion with the help of this non-greasy formula.

Harnessing SPF15 capabilities and raising the bar of your summer grooming plans, elite skin care and cosmetic use can now you be yours with quick and easy day to day application. Also boasting long lasting elements, carry on with your day with no fear of fading, fatigue or dullness, thanks to infused ocean minerals, which strengthen the water lipid barrier to your skin, which in turn naturally maintains moisture for longer.

By replenishing and regenerating cirtuin activity within your skin, your skin cells and their binding composites will visibly appear more youthful, energized and fresh, meaning no more confidence damaging fatigued and dull skin interrupting your busy lifestyle.

Simply apply to your fingertips (approximately the size of a small grape) and rub throughout your face for 30 to 45 seconds. Upon completion, allow this mens tinted moisturiser to settle in and reveal a more flawless, hydrated and more youthful glow within minutes.

Size 30ml

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