Calvin Klein Makeup For Men Mega Kit

Calvin Klein Makeup For Men Mega Kit

Calvin Klein Eyebrow Pencil For Men

Calvin Klein Eyebrow Pencil For Men

STILA Expert Tinted Moisturiser For Men

Designer Mens Tinted Moisturiser
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Discover and experience the next generation in male cosmetics with the help of this revolutionary lightweight, comforting and natural looking tinted moisturiser for men, offering supreme coverage.  Developed using a patented dermatological formula;  this mens tinted moisturiser from makeup for men experts STILA, effortlessly glides onto your skin upon application; covering all manner of male imperfections including rough skin, blemishes and redness.  

Embodied in STILA’s high performance SPF15 sun protective formula is a variety of components guaranteed to impress even the most hard to please male grooming guru.  Firstly, a comforting care component nourishes your skin and protects it against the loss of vital skin cells, oils and sebum, along with the day to day damage caused by environmental factors; such as blistering summers and blustery winters.  Discover all year round skin perfection with the help of this ‘makeup for men without makeup’ product as described by expert grooming blogger Jake Stewart. 

The second component expertly upheld in this male tinted moisturiser is a coverage which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Expert camouflaging agents blend perfectly with your skin pigments and banish unwanted imperfections behind a lightweight and comfortable feeling tinted moisturising skin base.  Give yourself that well deserved boost in confidence by saying ‘bye’ to confidence destroying imperfections.  Become a modern man and wear this makeup for men product designed and formulated with ultimate masculinity and subtlety in mind.

The third and perhaps most impressive component is the corrective properties this tinted moisturizer for men contains.  Targeting enzymes get to work behind the scenes and not only disguise imperfections but in time, given regular use, repair the skin and remove them.  Specially formulated properties concentrate on sebum control, which in turn tackle the onset of spots and blemishes as well as rejuvenate melanin, the skins main pigment, to promote an even fresher, flawless and party ready complexion. 

Described by Men’s Health Magazine in February 2012 as ‘the ultimate male cosmetic product for the modern day gentlemen;’  there is little surprise that demand for this product has exploded since it’s arrival onto the mens makeup scene early in 2011.  Get back the limelight and choose from a variety of shades, which you can comfortably wear out of season to give your skin that naturally tanned glow or a shade a little more matching to boost the performance of your own skin.  Hit the beach, bar or clubs with ultimate confidence in with the ability of this mens tinted moisturisers to provide flawless masculinity and prolong perfect skin.

Every now and then here at Makeup for Men UK we like to provide in product testimonials of our latest male cosmetics.  Read below one of our recent customer reviews of this male tinted moisturiser causing heads to turn for all the right reasons on the male makeup and grooming market. 

‘I absolutely love this product.  Nice manly packaging and real easy to apply (like a normal mens moisturiser).  I was a little skeptical as it is classified as makeup for men, however, after how it makes my skin look.  I honestly couldn’t care.  The best way to describe it is in the same way as the compliments I received when first wearing it which is that it makes me look as though I’ve just come back from a summer holiday. I’m not talking about red and blistery, I mean, when you’re tanned and glowing, with literally no imperfections and feeling really good.  I would buy it again and again.  Very pleased that i’ve found something which is manly and makes my skin look this good.  Thank you STILA and Mens Makeup UK. (Jake Berry, Brentwood)

Size - 50ml

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