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Urban Soul Mens Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Designer Anti-Wrinkle Cream For Men
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Welcome to the gentleman's lab!  Allow Makeup For Men UK to fill you in on the truth about mens anti-wrinkle creams, treatments and formulas.  Urban Soul’s Blackcode Modiff formula is widely regarded in the world of male cosmetics as the pinnacle of luxury, care and skin regeneration:  A large composite to the latter being Missha’s ability to produce a world leading patented formula, which makes the progression of wrinkles slow down by up to 700%, dependent on skin types.  Combined with a combative formula in this mens anti-wrinkle treatment to expertly improve the 7 signs of aging, as well as to drastically tackle the appearance of wrinkles on your skin.  There is little surprise that Urban Soul’s Skin Care is making it’s way onto the bathroom shelves of exclusive men all over the world.  

Blackcode Modiff’s Male anti-wrinkle formula upholds Urban Soul’s mission statement to provide premium skin care for premium men.  Buy and prolong youth with this truly remarkable anti-wrinkle treatment brought to you exclusively by, Britain’s sole retailer.

Now available at a special price of £49, this 120ml mens anti-aging masterclass can be yours within minutes.  Apply a light covering after washing and allow to exquisitely soak into your skin and enjoy this wonderful anti-wrinkle treatment for men working tirelessly behind the scenes, giving you a younger, fresher and rejuvenated look.  Buy youth, and treat yourself to a well deserved boost in confidence with the help of Makeup For Men UK. 

This mens anti wrinkle treatment will enhance the performance of mens makeup should you wish to wear it.  Improve your skins condition and build the foundations to a more stylish, movie star complexion; whilst allowing the likes of mens foundation and concealers for men to do exactly what they are designed for.  Makeup for men, just got a little bit more interesting with the aid of this premium male skin care brand and your new found ability to turn your face into plaines of soothed, smooth and seductive skin.

Be the man, and play your role with ultimate confidence in Urban Soul.  This mens anti-aging treatment contains the following ingredients and skin performance effects, all geared to make you truly worthy of the red carpet.  

A premium anti-aging Bio Pepta skin regeneration system contains the following ingredients for a highly functional peptide formula which firms, nourishes and corrects aging skin.

Geared for men in their 30’s and beyond whom suffer or fear of suffering with aging skin:  Such is the high performance of this mens anti-wrinkle cream, it is simply not too late gentlemen to turn back the years, courtesy of Mens Makeup UK and a unique collagen density formula to make wrinkles a thing of your past.  If you’re losing moisture and elasticity by the month, it’s time to take control and become a modern man.

Blackcurrant - Contains minerals, amino acids and enzymes which protect the skin from oxidants.  Flavonoid and Gamma Linolenic Acid has superior comforting and soothing effects designed for ultimate care.

Blueberry - Contains botanical fibre which promotes expert anti-aging and anti-oxidant protection; promoting a long lasting, healthier and fresher finish.

Basil - Skin Calming Enzymes which tackle the visible signs of wrinkles with an oxidation effect, which also smooths the skins surface.

Bamboo - A skin whitening system which offers a deep, long lasting and rejuvenated clean.

Baobab - Moisturises and revitalises with the help of AHA and Polyose extracts which create a synergy fusion to speed up skin cell regeneration instantly.  

Mistletoe Extract - A top secret patented formula owned by Missha and Urban Soul, which has a secret enzyme property balance to tackle the onset of wrinkles by at least 500% compared to regular anti-aging treatments.

Size - 120ml

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