Calvin Klein Eyebrow Pencil For Men

Calvin Klein Eyebrow Pencil For Men

STILA Expert Liquid Black Guyliner

STILA Expert Liquid Black Guyliner

STILA Expert Moisturising Skin Primer

Luxury High Performance Makeup For Men Base
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Gentlemen, your shadow days are almost certainly over with the help of one of STILA Expert’s latest makeup for men blockbusters. Ideally seen as the perfect first step to a four step makeup for men strategy; this mens makeup skin primer really does set the standard for optimal makeup and skin care on a day to day basis.  

This high performance moisturising primer for men contains time releasing skin care enzymes, meaning the performance of your foundation for men and/or tinted moisturiser for men will not fade as your long hard days in the office turn into long nights out on the town.  With a fast absorbing, lightweight and soothing moisturising complex, this mens makeup base enhances the performance of your makeup for men products by evening out your skin surface prior to application.   

If this wasn’t enough, this mens makeup primer encapsulates superior anti-aging properties in the form of ‘Dermaxyl’ one of the industries leading components in promoting healthier and youthful skin.  This combined with the before mentioned benefits means a masculine, anti-shine complexion is present externally.  The benefits of this skin primer are also apparent behind the scenes, promoting natural freshness.

So gentlemen, treat your skin to an upgrade in care and leave it soft, smooth and ready for action.  By maintaining moisture levels in your skin throughout your day, this mens makeup base fights against that ‘cakey’, ‘glowing’ and ‘shimmering’ look that modern day makeup men are desperate to avoid.  A little certainly does go a long way, ensuring one purchase of this makeup for men skin primer will hold you in good stead for months to come.

Perfect for normal to dry skin types this skin primer is perfect for all year round wear.  By promoting nourishing moisture in the depths of winter and an SPF 15 formula protecting your skin in the heights of summer, you too can become a modern day makeup man, with no questions raised about your makeup for men’s subtlety.  

From time to time Makeup For Men UK offer product testimonials from previous male makeup lovers who have brought selected product.  Read below some selected customer reviews chosen especially for you.

‘I always used to wear a moisturiser followed by foundation and a concealer and it gave me great results.  I got this item really as a spare part upon purchasing the Stila Expert Makeup For Men Kit and really didn’t entertain it.  One day out of curiosity I decided to put some on and it was remarkable.  My skin soothed and plumped to an even surface and it was so comfortable to wear.  After a couple of minutes I applied my foundation for men and could not believe the improvement.  I used to wear mens makeup to look good but I could always feel it on my face.  Not anymore!  After taking it off my skin feels refreshed like I’ve just got out of the shower or worn a face mask.  I would recommend.’ (Daniel Whisker, Lincoln)

Size - 50ml

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