House Of Formen Under Eye Concealer + Pro Palette

House Of Formen Under Eye Concealer + Pro Palette

House Of Formen Brightening CC Cream

Multifunction Men’s Complexion Corrector
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Described as the Swiss army knife of modern day male grooming, House of Formen’s Brightening CC Cream provides six different outputs for the skin in one sleek and ultra-masculine bottle. First things first, this CC Cream moisturizes and primes the skin, leaving it velvety smooth, hydrated and supple. It is with its priming capability that it improves the performance and coverage of proceeding cosmetic products in your routine and guarantees longer wear in the process. Formen’s CC Cream also enhances skin tone effortlessly by correcting red, blotchy and uneven skin in an instant. If that wasn’t enough, it also brightens the skin to make it appear younger and revitalized, whilst its matifying ability reduces shine on the skin and leaves your face looking matte. Finally, this Brightening CC Cream blankets the face in natural pre-makeup coverage, which takes the bluntness off common facial imperfections in the process. Simply dab five finger tips worth of product around your face, before blending it into each section, making sure you don’t forget the hair line also.

Size - 33ml

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