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Mens Iced Mint Revitalising Face Mask
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Developed alongside our other expert range of male face masks is our Iced Mint Mask, a particular favorite amongst our customer base with many tremendous reviews. Before we introduce you to it’s benefits we’ll touch upon the technology behind it. Ultra fine enzymes use an electrical charge to excavate deep dirt, toxins and other skin impurities which lead to imperfections. Our male specific face mask from mmuk uses pre redefining technology to correct pore sizes within 12-15 minutes which combined with the ‘clean up crew’ aspect of face masks leaves your skin smooth, resized and ultimately perfect. Use twice per week for optimum results for 12-18 minutes per serving. Such technology and ingredients such as peppermint leaves your skin vigorously revitalised and sensationally refreshed. At the same time such a mask controls oily complexions well to rebalance your skins oil component without drying your skin out. Remember it’s a mans world out there ensure you look recharged, nourished and on top form with our expert face masks for men, male grooming will never be the same again. We advise leaving your skin to settle ror 5-10 minutes before using skin cosmetics such as makeup for men, if you so wish to. Foundations and concealer’s will be extra effective as the base condition of your skin will only elevate the performance of mens makeup casting you into a whole new world of skin care.

Size - 60ml

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