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mmuk man Instant Action Moisturiser

Alpha hydroxy Revitalising Complex For Men.
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Our Alpha Hydroxy formula and technology combine with an instant action daily moisturiser for men exclusively by mmuk man. This moisturisers’ quick releasing energy components are designed to effectively target areas of your skin in need of repair and hydration. A moisturising complex also targets dry to oily skin types by rebalancing your faces oil levels.. Ideal if you’re looking to add mens makeup cosmetics to your day-to-day grooming routine. This male grooming groundbreaker which not only moisturises but shunts away dead skin cells long into your day allows your skin to continually breathe: one of the four key components in maintaining a hydrated, perfect and a blemish free skin complexion. mmuk man have set the benchmark in the world of male grooming and skin care by providing the perfect base if you choose to wear mens make-up and other male specific skin cosmetics. Foundations, concealers and guyliner will look even better by allowing such a captivating moisturiser to provide the perfect canvas to build your new look upon.

Size - 30ml

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