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Ceramide Skin Therapy Mens Moisturiser
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It’s a fact that we all have to live with. ‘Ageing’. But mmuk man, Britain’s newest range of skin care for men have developed a ceramide complex which furiously tackles the 5 signs of ageing. Ceramide cells fight fine lines and wrinkles by targeting problem areas of a man’s face, recharges and reduces collagen loss; one of the key factors in the appearance of wrinkles. This will mean you can use less mens makeup if you so wish to to achieve that comprehensively smooth and slick finish. ‘mmuk man’s’ anti-wrinkle cream can be applied around the eyes to avoid and target that washed out, tired and dark circled look. By helping maintain a mans skins natural moisture level our anti-wrinkle cream ensures your defence lasts long into the day and can be maintained around the clock with two applications per day. Other key signs of ageing include the appearance of dark circles, fat pockets around your face, age spots and facial discolouration. This is where things get interesting! Because male specific pro-active enzymes increase your skins firmness and elasticity with it fighting ageing and reducing the appearance of the above key factors; affecting how old you look. This mens moisturiser also dramatically improves skin tone, texture and feel; perfect for men post 25 and looking to off set the signs of ageing or tackle them vigorously.

Size - 30ml

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